Abortion Center in Delhi

abortion Center in Delhi

Are you a 20 year old or a 40 year old? Unwanted pregnancy can simply turn your life upside down. Specially, in India, where pre marital sex is considered as a taboo and on top of that getting pregnant can make you face several social problems and accuses. So, what’s the solution? Find here Abortion Center/Clinic in Delhi, India.

In such scenario, you mainly have three choices:

  • Opt for an abortion
  • Continue the pregnancy and later give the child to adoption
  • Continue the pregnancy and raise the child.

Our Service

So, if you have opted for abortion, then you can directly contact us. We at FSIVF, is one of the best abortion center/clinic in Delhi, India. We make this process very simple for you with the team of best abortion doctor.

Depending on the stage of the pregnancy, we suggest the treatment procedure. For patients with less than five weeks of pregnancy, we refer them necessary pills and successfully conduct the abortion. This way, we have become a pioneer name for medical abortion in Delhi.

Even for people who have crossed the time period of doing a medical abortion, worry not. We have solution for your problem too. We too offer in-clinic abortions to end your pregnancy. While for medical abortion, it can be done within the privacy of your home, for this procedure, you have to visit our centers.

We use special techniques and suction methods to end the pregnancy from the uterus. We use the latest techniques, so that you can be just ready within a short span of time. We analyze the stage of your pregnancy very well, and accordingly apply suggestive measures.

We are an apt in all kind of abortion problems and even perform Dilation and Evacuation procedure, if you are more than 16 weeks pregnant. Along with the suction procedure, we use the best and advanced medical tools. We have been doing this for years now, and are providing relief to all the unwanted pregnancy patients.

Contact Us!

Contacting us is very easy. We are available in our dedicated website and you can simple book an appointment online and experience the difference in treatment procedures. We promise the best service and even post abortion follow-ups, which is in fact a very important part. We make sure that the abortion is successful in the first attempt, without the need to go for a repeat treatment procedure.  Best Abortion Clinic in India, Delhi.

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