Abortion Centre In Delhi

Dr. Ruchi Malhotra: Abortion Clinic in Delhi

There are times when you get yourself in a false situation and need to look for solutions ASAP. The same rule is applicable if you get pregnant unplanned. Not everyone is happy to become a parent, especially if the financial condition is tough. So, the only possible way is to get rid of the unborn child. The physical and mental trauma that a woman goes through during this stage is unexplainable. But with proper medical help, they can get the task done with no trouble at all. So, next time you are making plans to get an abortion, please visit us at FSIVF & Research Centre.

Being in the pregnancy section for a long time, we have helped so many women with abortions. We have seen multiple patients and heard their sad stories. So, if you are one such unfortunate victim of pregnancy and need to abort the child, we will be your perfect medical help. And the best part is that our abortion cost in Delhi is pretty affordable. So, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get results.

Understand more about abortion:

Abortion is practically a medical procedure, conducted to end a pregnancy. The process is proficiently conducted in a clinic under medical guidance for a safe and effective result. There are different ways we use to terminate a pregnancy. We might use medications like pills or sometimes you have to go through minor surgeries without any side effects attached to them. For more details on abortions, we request you to come and contact our team!

How to perform abortion:

No one wants to go through the trauma of abortion. However, if you are one such unfortunate victim, then we would love to be your helping hand. Before you proceed further with abortion in Delhi, we would like you to know how to perform the task. Our main goal is to not keep our patients in the dark and inform them every step of the way!

Prerequisites we follow:

Our well-trained doctors will follow some prerequisites just to be sure that your body is able to handle the upcoming process. So, cooperate with us if you want to get the task done on time.

  • We will start the process with a thorough clinical examination of your past history of disease and medications.
  • Then we will ask you to cover some routine blood investigations. All these steps are done to ensure that your body is capable of taking the heat!
  • There will be some ultrasounds performed by our expert teams to cover mostly the pelvis region. The main reason behind that is to assess the maturity of your pregnancy and to rule out a tubal pregnancy.

The abortion methods we follow:

Depending on the current condition of your body we will be following different abortion methods over here. Visit our abortion clinic in Adarsh Nagar to learn more about it.

The first one has to be medicinal termination:

  • Here, we will perform this task only if the pregnancy is less than 6 weeks old. 
  • It is often considered to be a safer and non-invasive method performed with medicines. It should be taken under strict medical supervision and only by our experts.
  • We might suggest you continue some pills after the abortion to get your body back to its healthy self, but it all depends on how well the process goes.

Then you have surgical termination:

We will conduct surgical termination through a vacuum suction process. It is scientifically considered to be a safe method with less complicated rates.

  • We have a well-equipped operation theatre, where we are going to perform the surgery under strict guidance.
  • We have equipped our OT with sterile equipment and disposable syringes, needles and cannula. So, once we have used these products, the disposable ones will go straight to the bin!
  • We will either use the power of general anaesthesia or the local one, depending on the patient’s physical condition. This measure is taken under ultrasound guidance.
  • The entire surgical process will take somewhat around 15 minutes. So, you don’t have to wait for a long time to get the results you want to hear.
  • After successfully covering the surgical process, we will request to keep the patient in the hospital for 2 to 3 hours, under complete observation. You are free to move to your place once you are out of anaesthesia.

After conducting the surgical process, we will present our patients with some oral medications to be given a couple of days after the procedure. It helps them to get their health back.

Post-procedure care:

After providing the best abortion help, our abortion centre in Delhi will further offer post-procedure care as well. Follow what our doctors recommend you to do and things will gladly work out in your favour. Visit us at https://www.fsivf.in/ for more details.

Abortion Cost in Delhi

Generally, the cost of abortion in Delhi will largely depend on the choice of abortion method. The cost may also be affected considering how early or late you are moving to the clinic to have an abortion. Whether you want to have an abortion using pills, or you prefer a surgical procedure at the abortion centre in Delhi, you can consult at our clinic in detail about the possible cost in your condition. 

In India, an abortion may cost from Rs 5000- to Rs 25,000 (T&C applied) depending on the kind of procedure that is undergone.