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abortion centre

Undoubtedly, an unplanned pregnancy can totally turn the whole world upside down for you, isn't it? If you are the victim of the same situation, stuck in there for some time and not sure which way to go, you can reliably turn your head to Abortion centre for a  medical abortion in India and the abortion cost in India to find out an appropriate solution of your problem at an appropriate cost.

An abortion is comprehensively termed as a medical process of ending or discontinuing a pregnancy so that the birth of the baby can be halted. It is also called as termination. Many of us have a dilemma over the fact that whether abortion is legally valid or not. It is indeed a legal, taken into consideration, it should be conducted within the sphere of legal permits. Abortion in India is legally valid till the 20th weeks of the pregnancy under the particular conditions.

Unwanted Pregnancy

There are circumstances when the woman may be reluctant to carry a pregnancy. Under the condition, it is highly recommended that you should consult our Abortion Centre to discuss about the possibilities of abortion. The abortion cost may also be discussed during the initial consultation. 

How abortion is done?


Abortion Clinic in India can be carried out in two ways, and the abortion cost may also vary from clinic to clinic.

1. Abortion using pill

It is also called as medical abortion, the process of involve taking pills to end the pregnancy. Basically, there are two medicines given to accomplish the whole medical abortion Centre. The first pill curbs the pregnancy by blocking the hormone progesterone. With the absence of progesterone the lining of the uterus break down, and thus, the pregnancy is terminated. The second pill helps in discharge of pregnancy similar to miscarriage. 

2. Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion can be performed up to 16 weeks, albeit, it is safe and easy if the candidate contacts the Abortion centre by 10 to 11 weeks from the last menstrual period. The surgical abortion Center is comparatively higher than medical abortion (abortion using pill).

The suction abortion, also known as vacuum aspiration, is performed using gentle suction to void your uterus. Dilation and Evacuation is another form of surgical abortion that utilizes suction process and medical tool to empty the uterus.

Abortion Centre got the best team in place

At Abortion Centre, we have a bunch of medically trained staff who provide precise support and counseling that not only respect your decision, but also help you to facilitate personalized and individual care that is needed during medical abortion in India. We offer individual counseling pertinent to the abortion procedure as well as abortion cost in India, so that we can impart fair amount of time listening to your problem with greater attention, and come out with the best possible way of conducting abortion to terminate the unwanted pregnancy. It is also recommended by us that you should always take your time and do not rush to make your decision.


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