Assisted Laser Hatching

Assisted Laser Hatching

Assisted Laser Hatching assists the embryo during the IVF treatment procedure. A tough protective coating known as the zona pellucida surrounds the embryos and eggs. The embryos should hatch or escape from this coating for getting implanted in the wall of the uterus.It is the procedure of creating a hole in the covering surrounding the embryo for assisting embryo in the process of hatching.

In laser assisted hatching procedure, zona pellucida, a glycoprotein layer hemming in the plasma membrane of the mammalian oocytes is opened through an anodyne layer for attenuating the upper layer of embryo for removing it from zona pellucida and then it is placed in microscope. The zona plays an extremely important role in the process of fertilization because only one sperm can perforate it and fuse with the egg for fructifying fertilization.

The laser softens the shell of the embryo is non-contact which means that embryo is not in direct contact with laser. The embryo opening is improved with the help of laser. The entire procedure is performed through delicacy and precision. This particular method ramps up and enhances the chances of becoming pregnant among women.

In comparison to other procedures, this technique takes relatively less time and protects the embryo from toxic chemicals. Thus, the collective effect of these factors minimizes the stress which is placed on the embryo during the procedure. In addition, the method also makes sure that the embryo is less exposed to physical manipulation.

The Procedure is recommended for the Following Patients:

  • Who have frozen embryo transfer
  • Women who are diagnosed with the high presence of Follicle Stimulating Hormone
  • Who have failed previous treatments of ICSI/IVF Cycles
  • Women who have crossed 37 years of age, thus produce eggs with a harder Zona pellucida

Consult an experienced and qualified fertility specialist who can share with you benefits and Risks and Side-Effects of Laser Assisted Hatching.

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