Blastocyst Culture & Transfer

BlastocystThe term Blastocyst refers to a method to overcome the problem of infertility. Itis a laboratory based procedure, however it is recommended to a patient only after performing comprehensive medical check-up.  At FSIVF Center, we make sure that women patients get the best of this treatment so that chances of conceiving become high.

What is Blastocyst Culture?

This term refers to the procedure in which a developing embryo is cultured in specific media for better development at the time of basic of formative changes before implanting them back into the womb.

This time of expanded culture helps experts in choosing the most apt embryos for implantation into the womb. In addition, it also helps in identifying embryos that have high possibility of development. In this particular way, blastocysts society increases the likelihood of a woman accomplishing a pregnancy. By the time, an embryo reaches the stage of blastocyst; it has already undergone few cell divisions and thus completed its first set of cell division. It is important for couples to know that blastocyst culture and transfer has shown much better pregnancy results than any other treatment.

When the Need for Blastocyst Treatment Arises?

When the embryos are in the development stage, several factors are responsible for their development and growth. However, not all of them reach the stage of blastocyst. Blastocyst transfer increases the possibilities of pregnancy as the embryo grows well. In addition, it has much higher chances of healthy development in the future. Blastocyst society allows the selection of the best embryos for transferring them back into the uterus.

The treatment cycle is precisely the similar related to the IVF treatment aside from the fact that your embryos would be screened and checked and cultured prolonged time in the facility at our clinic. This allows the doctor to choose the best embryos for better pregnancy results. FSIVF is a one-stop fertility clinic for Frozen Embryo Transfer in Delhi. You can get the most effective blastocyst treatment for treating infertility right here.

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