Failed IVF

Failed IVF

After the hopeful and dream-filled waiting period of fourteen days, it is devasting for any couple to know that their IVF cycle is not successful. Many couples, after this phase, lose the hope of having children of their own. Even though the success rates vary as of today, IVF is believed to be the most successful treatment followed in case of infertility. Analyzing the reasons for the failure in detail will help the clinician in coming up with the alternate treatment plan.

We at Fertile Solutions believe that fertility treatment is not the same path for everyone. Each individual reacts to the procedure differently. Once couples with an initial failed IVF cycle approach us, our team of doctors identify the underlying cause and suggest an alternative treatment plan accordingly. The various factors that  are taken into consideration before suggesting further cycle include:

Egg Abnormalities – The quality of the eggs is tested based on the women's age. Even the ovarian stimulation protocol is reviewed along with the choice of the hormonal medications and the timing of the final triggering shot.

Abnormal Sperm –Abnormal sperm has higher risk of affecting the success of  IVF. So the male factor can not be neglected. The method used to combine the egg and the sperm is reviewed. In case there is any sperm abnormality detected, ICSI is suggested as a corrective measure.

Embryo Quality – Usually, embryos fail to implant and grow if they are unhealthy.Even older eggs have a high chance of resulting in poor quality embryos.

Embryo Selection – The kind of criteria used by the embryologist to select an embryo for the transfer is also studied. Usually, embryos with a better grade are likely to implant in comparison with the lower grade ones.

Uterine Abnormalities – Sometimes, even if the embryo is of better grade with no abnormalities, it fails to stick to the uterus. This might be due to the presence of fibroids, endometriosis, or abnormal uterine cavity. The underlying cause is identified and corrected before the start of the second cycle.

Apart from the above factors, the other parameters that are analyzed include the IVF lab conditions, egg retrieval, and embryo transfer protocols.

Our doctors and staff always strive to provide you with the best treatment plan to transform your dream of the family into reality.