Infertility Evaluation

Infertility Specialist Evaluating Infertility

The demand for IVF and other similar treatments have seen a tremendous rise in recent years. A lot of couples find it difficult to conceive and reach out for assistance from all the corners. It is essential to find out the root causes of infertility and get the right treatment at the right time. The inability to conceive could be due to many factors such as age, obesity,hormonal issues, ovarian or uterine issues, problems related to sperm count and much more.

An infertility evaluation is include various exams and tests to find the reasons for infertility. The different tests and examinations begin after complete & detailed history of the couple together.


Normally, the infertility specialist is require to know the complete history of the couple. This is include complete menstrual history including the kind of period, flow, duration & pattern,how long the couple has been trying for a baby without any protection. Also any history of hormonal disorders , excessive weight gain , excessive hair growth , breast discharge to name a few of them. After verifying the complete history, the doctor is advise for further tests and examinations to identify the exact problem.

Male Infertility Tests

The basic single test for men is include semen analysis to analyze the sperm count, movement, and structure which is help identify the reasons behind most male factors associated infertility.Certain blood tests are recommended to rule out diabetes, thalassemia or any other major illnesses.

Female Infertility Tests

For the female partner, the Uterus, Tubes & Ovaries need to be evaluated meticulously in addition to other examinations indicating any other hormonal or metabolic disorders. This is be determined and monitored with the help of blood tests and transvaginal ultrasound examination of the pelvis. The transvaginal scan will give an indication about the status of the ovaries, the tubes and the uterus. Other basic test in evaluation of infertility is include hysterosalpingography for the uterus and the tubes. Based on the situation, the doctor might recommend further tests such as diagnostic laparoscopy & hysteroscopy to identify the causes behind inability to conceive. Ovaries need to be evaluated for their normal functioning & the predictive follicular reserve by specific blood tests.


Based on the test results, the treatment may be required for both the partners. Treatment is be targeted on the specific problem which the couple is facing. It is consist of certain medications & or injections to restore ovulation, surgery, or further Artificial Reproductive Techniques . Sometimes there may be no cause detected which is diagnose the couple suffering from unexplained infertility.