IUI ProcedureA large number of women are suffering from the problem of infertility. Of all treatment options, the one which has emerged as one of the most successful one is IUI infertility treatment. It is a simple method in which washed semen are placed into the uterus of a woman around the ovulation time. The rationale and purpose is to increase the density of both the sperms and eggs near the fertilization site. This, in turn, increases the chances of conceiving a baby.

There are several benefits of this treatment including the following:

  • It can be performed with a frozen or fresh sample
  • It overrides the problems and defects in the cervix and vagina such as vaginal infection
  • It involves the usage of the best motile, washed sperms in a sample.
  • It is carried out at the optimal time around the rupture of the egg
  • The technique ensures the deposition of sperms at the right place

IUI treatment, when done with a frozen sample, offers a lot of flexibility to those couples who are working and lead a busy life. This especially stands true for those who live apart because of their career and professional demands.  Semen samples of husband are frozen and implanted into the uterus of a wife when she wishes to undergo the treatment while her husband is away. However, there are several factors on which depends the success of the treatment –the cycle management, the ability of the doctor to understand the problem of a patient and individualization of the therapy.

Pre-Requisites for the Treatment

  • Sperm sample of husband should be minimally sub-fertile or normal. In some severe cases, couples opt for IUI treatment with either ICSI or donor sperms
  • It is important for a woman to be ovulating. If you are not ovulating then the IUI specialist in Delhi at the FSIVF would prescribe medication so that you can start to ovulate.
  • Your tubes should be open. Doctors check it by performing a laparoscopy or an X-ray.

If you are looking for the best IUI Center in Delhi, let your search come to an end with FSIVF. We make sure you get the best treatment according to your given condition.

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