Natural Cycle IVF

The Natural Magic

Natural cycle IVF is considered to be the closest that IVF treatment could get to natural fertilization. The quality of eggs is the main concern and not the quantity. There is be minimal or no injections used to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs. However, frequent appointments, injections to trigger ovulation, surgical egg retrieval, and embryo development in the lab are all followed in this process as well.

A natural cycle IVF is considered to be a more economical procedure. The patient will be closely monitored to harvest her egg at the right time. This is a gentle and safe procedure that is considered to be holistic and lowers health risks associated with conventional IVF. Natural cycle IVF avoids the high costs associated with fertility drugs and the discomfort of taking injections or medications daily.

This process however has its own limitations as the number of eggs may be very minimal and may not result in a very healthy embryo.

What is IVF?

During a monthly reproductive cycle, there is a single egg that grows and matures inside an ovarian follicle. The mature egg is released and is available for fertilization.

While in a stimulated IVF cycle, injections are given for a few days to stimulate the ovaries to grow and mature multiple follicles. The doctor monitors the patient with ultrasound and bloodwork to track the growth of the follicles until they reach a specific size during this phase.

Egg retrieval is performed under anesthesia to remove eggs from the follicles,

Even though natural cycle IVF and a traditional IVF cycle look similar in terms of the timeline and the procedures followed, the significant difference is the medications.