Ovarian Tissue Freezing

Ovarian Tissue Freezing

It refers to cryopreservation of tissue of the oocytes or ovary of a female. In the recent years, it has emerged as one of the most commonly performed treatments among women whose ability to conceive is threatened by cancer therapy or who wish to opt for fertility preservation beyond the natural limit.  It can be performed on pre-pubertal girls who are the risk of developing premature ovarian failure. Also, this procedure is safe and feasible than other operative procedures performed in children.

What is the Procedure?

In this procedure, doctors take the part of ovary for carrying out slow freezing prior storing it in liquid nitrogen while therapy is being performed. The tissues can be thawed and implanted somewhere near the fallopian, either heterotopic or orthotoopic where it starts producing new eggs so that normal conception can occur.  Several studies have been conducted to conclude that ovarian tissue harvesting is a safe procedure. The ovarian tissue might also be transplanted into mice that are immunocompromised for avoiding graft rejection, and tissues can be later harvested when mature follicles have completely developed.

Objective of the Procedure

The main objective of technologies that help in long-term preservation of ovarian function as well as allow the production of viable oocytes in females undergoing radiation, chemotherapy or any other treatment which is expected reduce chances of fertility. Optimize methods of ovarian tissue freezing along with thawing of ovarian tissue for usage in transplant or in vitro follicle maturation (IIFM).

  • Determine hormones, factors and other culture conditions
  • Investigate those factors which affect successful maturation and quality of follicles and immature oocytes acquired from ovarian tissues.
  • To provide long-term follow up for those patients who have undergone this treatment.

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