Primary Ovarian Insufficiency

Primary Ovarian Insufficiency

In the recent years, an increasing number of women are suffering from infertility problem. There are different types of infertility problems of which primary ovarian insufficiency is counted among the most common. Also known as the premature ovarian failure, it occurs when ovaries – where eggs are stored and released, stop working prior to the age of 40. You might have few or no eggs at all. On the basis of the cause, the condition might develop even in teen years or can be congenital too.

A woman who is suffering from this condition might have no or irregular periods, symptoms similar to menopause and infertility problems. It is very difficult, not impossible, for women suffering from this condition to become pregnant.


As slated-above, the symptoms of this condition are similar to menopause. Your menstrual cycles become irregular. Chances are that you might have a period one month, however, not the next month or they might even stop. You might experience all or some of the menopause symptoms such as trouble sleeping, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, irritability, low sex drive or night sweats.


As far as treatment for this condition is considered, it will help you in managing your symptoms. However, as of now, there is no such treatment that will make your ovaries start working again properly. You might be prescribed hormone therapy along with the other medication to help you with hot flashes. In addition, hormone therapy might also prevent early loss of bone in women who suffer from primary ovarian insufficiency. Your doctor would recommend the treatment after examination.

Some women who are suffering from this problem might choose to become pregnant using IVF, In Vitro Fertilization, treatment or donor eggs.  Finding out that you are suffering from this problem can be extremely depressing and upsetting, particularly when you are thinking of planning family.  Consulting a fertility specialist in Delhi might help you become pregnant despite this condition of yours.

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