Thyroid Problems

Thyroid Problems

What are Thyroid Problems?

Thyroid disease has become extremely common among women who want to conceive. It is, however, not considered common during pregnancy. This is primarily because the immune system which has an extremely important role to play in thyroid disease is suppressed at the time of pregnancy for protecting the developing fetus. Because of the loss of this protective effect towards the end of pregnancy, there is a tendency for thyroid to take place after delivery in women who are at the high risk of developing this disease.

Thyroid Disease and Fertility

Irrespective of the fact you suffer from thyroid problem or suspect to have one, it is important to know that there are some symptoms related with the fertility.  As a matter of fact, women who are in child bearing years and have thyroid problem often find it difficult to conceive. Hence, it becomes really important to get rid of this condition before you plan to start a family. You should consult a fertility specialist, obstetrician or gynecologist to learn more about this problems and how it can affect pregnancy.


As far as signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism are considered, they vary from patient to patient and on the severity of the hormone deficiency. As a matter of fact, you might not even notice any symptoms initially. However, as your metabolism continues to slow down, you will develop different symptoms such as fatigue, dry skin, increased sensitivity to cold, elevated cholesterol levels, puffy face, muscle weakness, constipation, slow heart rate, irregular or heavier than normal periods, weight gain, hoarseness, impaired memory, thinking hair, muscle tenderness, stiffness and aches and depression.


Once a woman is diagnosed with the thyroid problem, she would be prescribed treatment on the severity of the condition. There are different treatment options to treat this condition, and your doctor would recommend the one which is apt for you.

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